Credit Programs


The Emerging Industries Program


Program Introduction

Fundamental Purposes

The industry is changing rapidly with the advance of technology, and interdisciplinary knowledge has become a key asset. In order to bring students close to the industry and prepare them for the job market, the College of Management brings together faculty from multiple Departments within the College, and offers a cross-border curriculum that focuses on the application of interdisciplinary knowledge. The curriculum is designed to match the demands of the “six key emerging industries, ten major service industries, and four biggest intelligent industries” in Taiwan. It encompasses many areas of studies including service science, tourism, information management and preventive medicine. In addition, in order to enhance students’ employability and to increase their willingness to participate in internship programs, the College invites industry professionals to interact with students, and encourages industry-university cooperation activities. We expect our graduates to be able to contribute to Taiwan’s emerging industries, leading the tourism, healthcare, and cultural and creative industries to become more competitive, diverse and innovative.


Goals of the Program

We actively leverage resources from academia and industry to foster students’ interdisciplinary knowledge, professional ethics, workplace adaptability, and proper characteristics. We expect our graduates to not only smoothly integrate into the job market, but to continue to self-improve and become successful professionals in their chosen careers.



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