In order to encourage cross-departmental collaboration and to strengthen research capacity, we are dedicated to bridge different departments through both concrete and online approaches. In terms of concrete approaches, we established college research centers for different research areas. There are currently eight research centers under the College, including: Research Center for International Finance, Center for Industrial Research, Research Center for Knowledge Management, Research Center for Econometrics, Research Center for Case Study Training and Development, Research Center for the Tourism Industry, Research Center for the Leisure and Hospitality Industry, and Research Center for Cultural and Creative Industries in the Asian-Pacific Region. Meanwhile, we also launched an online platform to facilitate academic discussions and research networking.


College of Management at NCNU is organized based on the “2-2-1 Principle.”

Proposed by Dean Lin in 2011 (“Two Goals; One Future”)

Two goals:

To improve competitiveness by integrating industry and academia.

To cultivate future global leaders in different fields.

One future:

To develop into an internationally acclaimed College of Management with integrated system and innovative ideas.


Cross-departmental Research Centers


Office of Dean of the College

Administrative Staff


College Secretary

Nai-Yun Hu



Administrative Assistant

Feng-Chieh Chu