Department of International Business Studies


In order to adapt to the trends of globalization and regionalization, the Department of International Business Studies is dedicated to produce graduates who are caring, open-minded, internationally competitive, and innovative. In order to provide students with a firm academic and practical foundation, the Department provides a curriculum plan that encompasses core business classes, specialization courses, and practicum experiences.



Department of Economics


In order to adapt with the national economic development, the curriculum of the Department of Economics is designed to provide students with knowledge, skills, and values that can foster their understanding of the relationship between economy, theory, and policy. In addition, in order to enhance students’ employability and competitiveness, the Department also places great emphasis on developing students’ global perspectives and providing guidance for classwork and career planning.



Department of Information Management


The Department of Information Management places great emphasis on instilling social awareness in students. The aim of the Department are threefold. The first aim is to facilitate trade and cultural exchanges between Taiwan and other countries. Secondly, the Department strives to deliver skilled professionals in the field of information management in order to meet the demands of global markets. The third aim is to improve the academic environment and the overall quality of research in central Taiwan.



Department of Finance


In order to adapt to the demands of the industry and economic development, the Department of Finance is dedicated to produce graduates with international perspectives who are able to care for the society, to compete in the financial job market, and to think critically and creatively.



Department of Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality Management


The Department of Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality Management places its main focus on nurturing students’ management skills. The Department offers a curriculum which covers more than 40 credit hours of core management classes, as well as a variety of professional electives in tourism, e-commerce, and entrepreneurial management. The Department aims to foster students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge across different areas of concentration.



Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)


EMBA at NCNU upholds and promotes a philosophy of high business management education, combining state enterprise capital management and financial continuing education programs, to establish the “Executive Master of Business Administration”. Through systematic training course, exchange spaces for interaction between industries and team companionship are established, allowing those managers who already have a rich experience to surpass themselves and increase their capacity to respond to complex and diverse corporate environments.



The Ph.D. Program in Strategy and Development of Emerging Industries


At the University, some departments are very related to each other, therefore, outside of traditional PhD programs, the Ministry of Education wants to encourage every University campus to respond to the needs of industry and society and cultivate multidisciplinary talent. So, under the University Act it established a “Ph.D. course” integrating the resources from those interrelated departments, to create and develop a comprehensive specialized course module. Through this kind of course and degree program design, not only are educational resources integrated and reinforced, but the courses are enabled to adapt to the highly developed social division of labor in the 21st century, and promote the students’ competitive entry into the labor market.